Dr Jesse Gale


  • 04 384 3937
  • 04 384 4937
  • Practises at:
  • Bowen Hospital
  • Consults at:
  • Capital Eye Specialists 148 Cuba Street Wellington

Dr Jesse Gale



Special interests 

Jesse is well grounded in general ophthalmology and cataract, with subspecialty training in glaucoma and neuro-ophthalmology.  Neuro-ophthalmology refers to problems with the optic nerve, pupils or eye movements (double vision).  Jesse is developing collaborative new research projects in Wellington into how glaucoma and other optic nerve problems are linked and differentiated.

Jesse also has training and experience in global ophthalmology, and makes annual trips to Pacific countries.  At home, this experience has resulted in an interest in managing eye diseases across populations and regions. He is exploring a new online system for enhancing collaborative care between optometrists and ophthalmologists, to improve patient pathways and to reduce unnecessary testing and travel.

Jesse was born in Wellington, he is excited to be home again as a consultant with a new family and stimulating opportunities ahead.

Specialist training

Jesse studied at University of Otago, graduating from medical school in 2005. He was awarded the Prince of Wales prize as the top graduate of any undergraduate degree in 2005. After house officer work in Wellington and Nelson, and registrar rotations in Dunedin, Wellington, Hamilton and Auckland, Jesse had two years of overseas fellowship training. In 2013 he was Fred Hollows Foundation Fellow in Nepal, Alice Springs, Fiji, Samoa and Tonga, and then had neuro-ophthalmology training at the Doheny Eye Institute in Los Angeles, USA. In 2014 he completed a clinical glaucoma fellowship in Cambridge, England.